The history of a Spa Hotel & Restaurant in Alsace

A beautiful story set in Barr, in the heart of Alsace

The history of the 5 Terres Hotel & Spa goes back to the 16th century. A former Bürgerstube (town hall), factory and then brewery, the building is firmly anchored in Barr and its winegrowing heritage. Located opposite the Town Hall, whose facade is listed as a historic monument, among cobbled streets and half-timbered houses, it is part of Barr's landscape and lives to the rhythm of the traditions of Alsace.

Under the leadership of Jean-Daniel Seltz, this sleeping beauty has been transformed into a superb luxury hotel with a restaurant and spa, perfectly suited to the passion embodied by these old stones that have survived the passing of time, a love for the noble materials of the Alsace terroir and the desire to offer contemporary yet cosy luxurious accommodation and a gastronomic table in Barr in the heart of Alsace.

The wine spirit

The 5 Terres Hotel & Spa is named after the five types of soil (shale, limestone, clay, sandstone and granite) on which the vines of Barr grow. "5 Terres" reminds us of the profound and almost existential connection that exists between the hotel and Alsace wine terroir. The wine stocks, solid oak and leather used in the interior decoration are alive and continue to be fashioned by the passing of time. Like the earth and the vine leaves at harvest time, the natural colour scheme is warm and soothing.

The 5 Terres Hotel & Spa, MGallery Hotel Collection and its restaurant embody the ancestral spirit of the Alsace Wine Trail, the unspoiled Mont Sainte-Odile and the hills of Kirchberg and Altenberg.

Chinese portrait:

The owner Jean-Daniel Seltz, entrepreneur, hotelier and enthusiastic decorator.
Passionate about the hotel-restaurant industry, wine, beautiful stone and ancient heritage.
His passions are perfectly reflected by the 5 Terres Hotel & Spa.

If I were... I would be

A colour: blue
A childhood dish: my mother's osso bucco
A fruit: a lemon
A herb: coriander
A grape variety: Pinot Noir
A season in Alsace: autumn
A flavour: pepper
A precious stone: a diamond
A collection: vintage cars or works of art
A dream: a desert island in Asia